In Dance with Honey®, two couples’ relationships are examined through thoughtful, provocative and oftentimes humorous dialogue. Helen and Walt have been married for almost thirty years. The spark has faded, and Walt finds himself looking elsewhere for romantic fulfillment. With enough holes in her marriage to rival a slice of Swiss cheese, Helen gives way to new possibilities to awaken the passion. Brenner and Irving are a happy and successful gay couple with plans to wed. However, an encounter with a coworker forces Irving to confront some painful memories from his past, consequently igniting a burning desire to overcome his sexual boundaries. Brenner is left to wrestle with the question of how far he is willing to go to keep Irving happy.


Multilayered and Impressive
A multilayered and impressively reader engaging novel populated by deftly crafted and memorable characters embedded in an interwoven storyline with more plot twists and turns than a Disney Land roller coaster, “Dance with Honey” clearly showcases author C. M. Harold’s natural flair for originality and a distinctive narrative storytelling style.

Great novel! What a stunning debut!
This novel is wonderful. The characters and locations are finely drawn and the plot just thickens right up to the end!  I loved watching the lead character grow and become her own woman and clear conscience. An outstanding ride into the realm of tossing caution out the window with no regrets. Now, when is that next book coming out?

Gorgeous writing!
This book took me to the most amazing places! The author’s descriptive and emotive ability is simply amazing. I felt as if I were “living” this book, rather than simply reading it–and if you think about it, isn’t that what great writing is about?

Deliciously Entertaining
Dance with Honey is deliciously entertaining! If you haven’t read this book you are missing a great read that makes you hungry for so much more. This book builds an amazing visual story all the way to the last page, with erotic sexual encounters that will make you say “HMMMMMM”…Buy it, you will not be sorry.

Exciting Page Turner
I couldn’t put this book down until I was finished with it! It is a definite page turner. Have a cup of tea or whatever is your beverage of choice and relax as you flow into the beautifully painted landscape for this story. The characters are believable, and grow and change as the story unfolds, something I always appreciate. At each of their cores, they are searching for that one thing that makes them feel complete! Relationships are not “cookie cutter” and this book explores the other side that I find absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait for the next book! My compliments to the author!! Well done!

Couldn’t put it down!!!
This book is simply amazing! The author is a breath of fresh air! If you need an escape from your busy life, may I suggest this book! You will not be disappointed! Happy reading!

Helen is an unfulfilled woman.

After nearly thirty years of marriage, the passion is gone. Even worse, her husband, Walt, has a wandering eye, which she discovers when she stumbles upon risqué photos of other women on his phone. Desperate to reignite the spark, she will soon find herself doing things she never dreamed possible.

Brenner and Irving are two gay men living their best lives.

Handsome, professional, and deeply in love, they plan to marry soon. But when the sexual overtures of a co-worker dredge up the emotional trauma of Irving’s past, he becomes consumed with the urge to push past his sexual boundaries—and his new desire has the potential to shake his relationship with Brenner to its core.

Brenner will do almost anything to keep Irving happy, including the unthinkable—but when a perfectly wrapped package lands at the door, his long forgotten past gets stirred up, and nothing will ever be the same.

All three will learn that no matter what your intentions, when you open yourself up to new experiences, life has a way of upending in ways you never expected.

Because everything changes when you dance with honey.

“Be your authentic self, stay unbought.”
–C.M. Harold


A native of the beautiful state of North Carolina, C.M. Harold makes her literary debut with Dance with Honey®.

Her joy for writing blossomed over the years, and while she wrote best-selling short stories, they all stayed on the bookshelf in her mind. She credits her husband who gently nudged her for many years to write- so one day in December 2014 she finally decided to put “pen to paper.” And paying homage to her home state, C.M. Harold sets her stories in N.C.

As an avid reader with an eye for detail, she learned the art of writing by reading countless books. As a result, Ms. Harold’s writing style is laced with lots of vivid descriptions that brings the story to life, a dash of humor that tickles the funny bone, and a smidgen of inspiration that hopefully leaves a sense of empowerment.

Although her writing is fiction, she hopes that readers are motivated in real and meaningful ways.

C.M. Harold resides in Atlanta, Georgia and is currently working on her next book and developing a lifestyle blog called February Dame.


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